Frequently Asked Questions?

Where can I buy Smirk?

We ship nationwide and sell through local retailers around Nashville Tennessee. Additionally, we offer free local delivery. Please visit Find Us for specific details.


Is there a minimum order?

In order to keep handling costs low and to be able to charge customers the same price whether they order in our hometown of Hendersonville TN or anywhere in the nation, we needed to set our order minimums to a 5 pack. Trust us, you will enjoy this dangerously delicious, surprisingly healthy ice cream so much, you will be glad you have 5 to enjoy whenever a craving hits!


How much does shipping cost?

We offer nationwide shipping. We ship 2-day ground to most states. Go to Find Us, to see a map of delivery times across the United States and/or see your specific shipping options in your Smirk Shopping Cart.


Do you ship Internationally?

No sorry, we do not ship internationally at this time.


How do you ship Smirk Ice Cream?

Smirk ice cream is cozily packaged into a Styrofoam cooler with a box of dry ice on top to keep your ice cream perfectly frozen well into the day of delivery.


Doesn't Styrofoam create a large Carbon footprint?

Yes, but you can help us reduce our Carbon Footprint! Currently, Styrofoam coolers are the only way to ship frozen product. To help reduce our Carbon Footprint, your Smirk Ice Cream shipment will always arrive with a postage-paid return label. Just leave the cooler and lid in the box and reseal the flaps so the new shipping label is visible. Then, schedule a pickup with or drop it at your local FedEx.

By taking a few extra minutes to send us the Styrofoam cooler back and allowing us to put it right back into production, you will be helping us reduce our Carbon Footprint!

Thank you in advance for your help with this important eco-minded decision.


What is your return policy?

Customer service is the backbone of our company. Our ice cream is guaranteed to arrive perfectly frozen, but if it does not, please Contact Us and we will take care of it promptly.


How do I cancel my order?

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you need to cancel your order email us at or call us at 615-772-8514.


My Smirk Ice cream has arrived as hard as a rock, can I microwave them to soften?

Yes! In fact we recommend microwaving a full pint of ice cream for 30 seconds to 45 seconds or until softened enough to squeeze the container slightly. You can also de-thaw on your counter for no longer than 20 minutes to soften before serving. Smirk Ice cream tastes best when it is served in a soft frozen state!


Where do I find ingredient and nutritional information?

Please see our Nutritional Information for specific information.


Do you have Gluten Free flavors?

Yes, all of our flavors are gluten free!


Do you have Dairy-Free flavors?

Yes, all of our flavors are dairy-free!


What additional sweeteners do you use in your ice creams?

We never use additional sweeteners in our ice creams, only the wholesome natural sweetness of fruit!


I have a major food allergy, can I enjoy Smirk Ice Cream?

Smirk ice cream is dairy free, gluten free, and additional sugar free. That being said, our ice creams are made in a kitchen that uses dairy, peanuts and shell fish, but separate equipment is used.


Are there any Smirk flavors that are Vegan?

All of our ice cream flavors use egg yolk, so we are not specifically Vegan.


Is Smirk Ice Cream Kosher?

No sorry, we are not kosher. We do hope to be in the near future.


How long is the ice cream good for once I've opened it?

It's usually best  to consume the ice cream within 2 weeks of opening it, although we wouldn't be surprised if you didn't make it past 2 days! We also recommend great pointers available on Pinterest, like putting wax paper over your partially eaten ice cream to keep ice crystals from forming, which would greatly extend the shelf life of your open ice cream.


Do you sell at festivals?

Yes, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on the upcoming events that Smirk will be attending.